Footwear Project Manager - 3D Software

Adidas | Portland, OR, United States

Posted Date 4/16/2019

Purpose <

Manage the process for the creation of virtual Footwear Prototypes based on development CAD data. Act as additional internal source for the realization of virtual product scopes as defined by the operations business. Support the development of product creation technologies by prototyping virtual and physical samples as well as steering, monitoring and guiding the creation of technical information in collaboration with Product Operations, IT, Design, Marketing, Tier 1 suppliers, and software vendors when applicable.<


Key Responsibilities< <

Create and prepare 3D data based on product briefs by using key technologies, procedures, and industry-standard computer graphics applications for visualization, CAD, computational designs, procedural 3D modeling, and 3D printing.< Develop process documentation for digital and physical product creation and be capable of training Asst Technical Managers and Asia based partners.  < Support the creation of digital libraries to provide a lean digital creation process. < Ensure data quality and efficiency all along the digital creation process by supporting all required steps to improve the system through R&D and testing of new procedures and software releases.< Support the conversion of design information into a confirmed set of technical data required for product creation in collaboration with suppliers and adidas Liaison Officer and Sourcing teams overseas.< Potential model shop requirements including but not limited to heat welding, product assembly, laser cutting, moulding parts, printing, etc.< Act as a consultant to cross-functional product teams by analyzing designs for manufacturability, production efficiencies, and quality.< <


Key relationships< <

Project Management< Sample Studio (Prototype Teams)< Future and Advanced Concepts (Innovation Teams)< Athlete Services< Design< Development Marketing Suppliers Fit and Wear Test Department Sourcing IT


Knowledge Skills and Abilities< <

3D modelling and CAD experience – Rhino/Grasshopper preferred < 3D Rendering experience – Modo preferred < Knowledge of Footwear construction and product creation< Advanced computer literacy< Advanced computer graphics and motions graphics tools – Adobe Suite preferred< Motivation to learn and research new product creation technologies < Motivation to learn about gaming technology, AR, VR, Unity, Unreal, etc.< Knowledge of shoemaking and manufacturing process preferred< <


Qualifications< <

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