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 on the wishlist of the very best applicants. You’re a top employer, whether you’re a big name brand or small business that — up until now — was only an urban legend. You need new faces because you like to innovate, but you don’t have time to wander in the recruitment wilderness because you have a freaking job to do.


 an applicant pool full of ambitious, passionate folks. Can we get real with you for a minute? When you come to us with a position to fill, we don’t have fifty people who’d be a good fit. We have five people who’d be a perfect fit. Good enough isn’t good enough for you or us - we want our applicants to help you reach that next step in your vision, and the one beyond that.


 tired of jumping through hoops for businesses they don’t believe in. They just want to get to work on The Next Big Thing with a company they can feel good about. (That’s you!) We streamline and simplify the job-searching process so the only thing you need to worry about is which desk your new hire will have dibs on.

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 getting tired of trawling through irrelevant job ads hoping to stumble across the ideal gig. You know that if someone dropped the perfect job in your lap you’d crush it — so sit back, get comfy and prepare your lap for the drop of a lifetime.


 been in your shoes. We’ve logged hours on all the industry corporate sites to see what new jobs have been listed. Every. Single. Day. All we wanted was a one stop shop for jobs in the footwear and apparel industry, so one day…we made one. We created Eyelet Careers to help people who are passionate about this industry connect to great companies.


 waiting for you. Seriously. Sign up today to get down to business.

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