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Lee & Barrett

We are redefining what an American company is.

We're living through an exceptional moment. There has never been more upheaval, more division, and more complexity. People find themselves questioning what America stands for. 

Amidst this confusion, American businesses have a newfound role in leading and shaping the country. Lee & Barrett deeply understands this responsibility. Today, we strive to embody the best version of America.

1. We make all of our shoes in America. In New York City, in fact. Unlike our competitors who label slap 'New York' on their product, we believe that to be an American company, you must be made in America. 

2. We stay true to America’s melting pot identity by drawing design inspiration from across the globe. We make best-in-class footwear because we don't subscribe to any category. Lee & Barrett shoes are a class of their own. 

3. We assemble a passionate, diverse team of Americans in one place. We have an inclusive definition of American.We bring in the best and brightest designers, production managers, and craftsmen to make your shoes. Brilliance has never occurred in silo. 

We hope that you see yourself in our shoes. More importantly, we hope that you see a new kind of America in our shoes. 

Lee & Barrett
New York City

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